Food (Day 23)

With a fridge full of protein, I was a happy little Cavewoman today.

Breakfast: Craving meat (since it was pretty scarce yesterday), I had a couple of steaks and some scrambled eggs. I also had a cup of bone broth.

Lunch: I cooked up some awesome Chili, a recipe I got from The Clothes Make The Girl. As always with Melissa’s food, it turned out DELISH. The cocoa in it really made it a winner. Here’s a pic of my pretty lunch.

Dinner: Seeing as I was a true-blue carnivore all day, decided to cook up a veggie stew (much like this one), to make up for my greens.

UPDATE: The veggies alone didn’t cut it and got hungry 2 hours later, so had a leftover steak, a spoonful of chili and some bone broth. Fatty, I know.

Another day of healthy eating, in the bag!


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